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We are specialized in service, repair/recone loudspeakers

BigSounz was formed in 2003 based on the experience in service/repair loudspeakers since 1989.

We service all brands and range/types of speakers from the low frequency woofers and mid range transducers to high frequency drivers.

There are many reasons a speaker has stopped working or it is still working but not reproducing clearly the sound which was designed for. Any loudspeaker can be repaired and the work involved in this depends on what is the part of it which is faulty or damaged.When a speaker has stopped working or is rubbing, clipping, scratching or distorting the sound, most likely is because something is wrong with the mobile part of it: the voice coil which is part of the cone. The most common faults are related with the voice coil being overheated, as a result of power overload or open circuit as being burnt (fried). In all these situations, the voice coil will need to be replaced because the original has lost the normal specs and shape.The voice coil is solid attached to the cone and according with the brand/model, the repair process can include replacement of the entire assembly: cone/spider/voice coil, in this situation the speaker will be reconed.

The voice coil can also be replaced without replacing the cone and other parts. This repair will include replacement of the voice coil only especially when the recone kit or other parts can not be found due unknown brand/model or an old/vintage speaker.

Another common problem a speaker can have is old/rotten foam surround. If your speakers have rotten surrounds, we recommend to consider the old foams to be replaced as soon as is possible because the cones has lost the alignment and using them this way can damage the voice coils. In this situation the cone needs to be removed to have access for removing all the old and deteriorated material from the cone and the frame and the opportunity to check the voice coil. If the voice coil is ok and the new surrounds are attached to the cones, the speaker will be reassembled, aligned/centrated and tested.

The magnet assembly can also be damaged especially if the speaker has been dropped in which situation the magnet is dislocated causing damage to the voice coil, very easy to notice as the cone is blocked because the coil is trapped inside the blocked gap. The repair will include voice coil replacement and realignment of the magnet assembly.

One of the very important aspects of our service is the esthetical appearance of the speaker after being repaired. Our work is very tidy and clean for the customer's convenience. Apart of the quality parts and service provided, we consider that the good looking and tidy/clean work is very important for the client's confidence as always a happy client will come back again. We can repair almost all models and brands of speakers.

Nationwide courier service available at a very convenient rates.

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