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We are specialised in service, repair/recone loudspeakers

BigSounz was formed in 2002 based on the experience in servicing loudspeakers since 1980



There are many reasons a speaker has stopped working or still working but not reproducing clearly the sound which was designated for.

Any loudspeaker can be repaired and the work involved in this process depends on what is the part of it that is faulty or damaged. When a speaker has stopped working or it's rubbing, clipping or distorting the sound, this is most likely because of a damaged voice coil/cone assembly. The most common faults are related to the voice coil being overheated or burnt as a result of power overload. In this case, the voice coil will need to be replaced. The voice coil is part of the speaker cone and,  according with the brand and model, the repair process can include replacement of the entire assembly: cone/spider/voice coil, in this situation the speaker will be reconed.

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